XP Startup Cleaner 2.35

In case you did not know, when your computer is starting up, it is a very crucial time for your system. This is the time a lot of resources are used by the computer. Computer geeks often want to execute certain programs with the start of the system. This can be done by copying the executable file to the startup folder.


The XP Startup Cleaner lets you manage program execution at windows startup. This program lets you administer programs executing at the time of startup as well as files which are loaded at startup time. With the XP Startup Cleaner and Autorun Manager. Programs that you want to run every time the system starts can be added easily.

You can view and remove programs added to the startup folder easily buy anyone.  This program also gives you a way in which programs can be added to the startup folder but also to the Windows Registry as well as the WIN.INI file. The programs are protected by adding to the Registry and the WIN.INI file.


The interface which is like explorer displays all the registry folders in a list view on the left.  This great shareware that gives you a sense of power and utility every time your computer starts up, can be yours for just $19.95 only.

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