Winutilities Registry Cleaner 4.41 Review

Winutilities is shareware and it is available at a price of $39.99. The publisher is YL Computing Inc and the software is about 1.5 mb in size. Information about the computers configuration is contained in the repository known as the Windows Registry. As you keep using Windows, the registry keeps growing. When it does this obsolete and unneccessary information becomes a part of the Windows Registry.

As a result the Windows Registry becomes cluttered and fragmented. As the registry grows the performance of the system as a whole can be affected. A number of software problems can result out of this. For the computer to work in top form the Windows Registry must be regularly cleaned with a good registry cleaner. Winutilities is one such cleaner.

After a scan of the registry, Winutilities finds incorrect or obsolete information. Then this information is fixed. As a result you get a lean, mean, fast and error free registry. With the Backup/Restore tool in this registry, the registry can be restored to the current status in casse of system failure.

There is also a startup cleaner and BHO organizer. This lets you manage the IE BHO items as well as startup easily. You exercise a good degree of control over the programs started with Windows and IE.

By getting rid of the unnecessary stuff in the Windows Registry you get a better computing experience.

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