Vista Manager Software Review: Quick Solutions!

The new Vista Manager is a system utility that is entirely compatible with the Windows Vista SP1.It is the perfect option for home users as well as professionals. The Vista Manager with its thirty utilities makes your computer more stable, fast, personal and secure.

 The software provides you instantly with precise system and hardware information. It shows you in detail the running threads and other processes on your computer. With his software you can fine tune your computer to increase system performance and speed and also improve the shutdown and startup speed. There is also the Optimize Task Schedule that turns off unnecessary system tasks.


 You can now easily keep a check on the folders and files that are encroaching on your free space through the easy-to-read charts and delete those files to increase space on your Hard-disk. The Duplicate Files Finder scans your computer to locate files with the same name, size and modification time. The Registry Cleaner repairs incorrectly linked registry entries and removes invalid entries automatically.

 The customization features in the Vista Manager include the option to tweak the Vista boot menu, control programs on Windows Startup, customize the menu, system desktop, notifications settings and toolbar etc. The Vista Manger promises enhanced security for your computer. You can specify clearly as to which applications are not to be executed on your computer and the Vista Manager will take care. The Privacy Protector maintains your privacy by deleting your tracks and randomization of passwords. With such remarkable features, the Vista Manger is an ideal accessory for your PC.

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