Slow Internet Connectivity: What are Some Common Reasons for Slow Internet Speed?

In today’s day and age, broadband connections are now being used by most people. Woman with Slow Internet ConnectionIt is a lot faster than dial up connection and it will guarantee you with fast internet connection. This will mean no more waiting a long time for a page to load and you will also never have to wait a few minutes to get your email sent.

However, there are some cases where people might experience extremely and unusually slow internet connection even when they have broadband internet connection connected in their computer. For most people, this can be quite frustrating as it will take forever for a website to load, and it will even take much longer for emails to be sent.

In today’s world, this can be a problem as fast communication is essential.

So, if you have a broadband connection and you are experiencing slow internet connectivity, you can’t help but wonder why.

Before you start calling technical support, here are a few reasons on why internet connectivity gets slow.

The first reason is that your internet service provider may have technical difficulties. It is quite common for ISP’s to encounter errors in their system that can cause slow internet connection. Usually, this problem can be solved in a matter of minutes or hours. Sometimes, if the problem with the ISP is severe, it can even last as long as a few days.

With this problem, there is really nothing you can do but report the problem to your internet service provider and wait. You will see that they will be helpful in providing you with information on what caused your relatively slow internet connection.

The second reason is downloading files. Usually, this problem is solved if you stop downloading a particular file or when the file download is already finished. When you use the internet, you will be limited with a specified amount of bandwidth. It depends on the internet connection plan you get. When you download a file, you will use a huge amount of bandwidth which will relatively slow down any other internet activities you do. Downloading will use up most of your bandwidth in order to ensure fast downloads. Again, the download speed will depend on the bandwidth you have, and it will also depend on the source.

The third reason for slow internet speed is that your computer may be infected with malicious software, such as computer viruses, spyware, and adware. Spyware are the most common culprit for slow internet connection as it also uses up a fair share of your bandwidth. It uses the internet in order to send information about your internet activities to the spyware developer. Since it is constantly connected to the internet, you will constantly experience slow internet connection even if you have broadband internet connectivity.

For this problem, you may want to use an antispyware software program in order to get rid of the spyware. It will scan your computer for any spyware or adware installed in your computer and it will give you a choice on whether you want to delete it or not.

These are some of the common reasons why you experience slow internet speed even when you have broadband internet connection. By remembering these things, you will be able to solve your internet speed problem without any hitch at all.

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