Make My Computer Faster: How to Tune Up Your PC and Make it Run Faster

When you purchased your brand new PC, you can’t help but marvel how fast it performs than your old PC that you already gave away to your little brother. After a few months of using your brand new PC, you noticed that opening an application software program became sluggish, it takes a while to respond to commands, playing games were sluggish, and booting up is really slow.make-computer-faster.gif

This can be quite frustrating for anyone who uses a PC.

Because of this, you can’t help but wonder why your new computer doesn’t perform as fast as before, and also ask if you can make it as fast as it was before or at least make it a little faster than what you are currently dealing with now.

Now, if you want to make your computer faster, you also need to know what makes it slow. By understanding what causes your computer to run slow, you will be able to understand how you can make it fast again.

One of the causes that make your computer slow is malware, such as computer viruses, spyware, and adware. If this is the reason why your computer is running slow, then you might want to get rid of malware by installing a good antivirus and antispyware software program. You also need to make sure that the virus definition as well as the spyware definition is up to date in order to stop any newly developed spyware and computer viruses from entering and infecting your computer.

make-pc-faster.gifIf your antivirus and antispyware software didn’t detect any malware in your system and your computer is still performing slowly, you will need to adjust your computer in order to optimize its performance.

If you have pictures as your desktop wallpaper, get rid of it. This takes up a lot of memory and it will eventually make your computer perform slowly.

You also have to remember that as you install and uninstall different kinds of software, and save and delete files in your computer, the data in the hard drive will become fragmented. A fragmented data in your hard drive is also one of the main causes of a slow performing computer. So, how will you be able to fix this problem? The answer to this is by using your operating system’s disk defragmenting tool. With this feature, you will be able to defragmented fragmented data in your hard drive which will make it easier and efficient for your computer to read.

You should also clean up the registry by using registry cleanup software. This will not only provide you with more hard drive space, but it will also make your computer run more efficiently. Therefore, it will become a lot faster.

You also need to consider that installing software that has high system requirements can significantly slow your computer down. If you need the software, you might want to try upgrading your computer memory by purchasing RAM. This will make your computer faster and it will also meet certain system requirements of new software available in the market today.

These are the things that you need to know about making your PC run faster. By following these few computer tune-up tips, you will be able to let your PC run like it was new again or at least improve its performance.

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