Error Cleaner 6.2 Review

Error Cleaner is shareware and costs $39.99. The publisher is Error Cleaner and file size is 5672K. There are many tools in this software to keep your system error free. These include the Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, History Cleaner and Startup Cleaner.

All these help in various ways. The disk cleaner keeps your computer free from unneccessary garbage. The Registry cleaner is a very important part of this software. Since the registry needs to be free from errors for the computer to run properly, having a registry cleaner on your computer is important. This can prevent computer crashes and error messages.

The History cleaner keeps you safe from the prying eyes of others. It removes the tracks of your internet usage, so that you can be sure that your boss, spouse or other person will not know where you have been online.

The startup cleaner cleans the computer every time it starts up. This is a great software indeed and has so many essential tools for the computer. You can remove invalid registry entries, manage cookies and optimize the performance of your computer. A must have for your system.

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