Advanced PC Tweaker 3.5.1 Review

Often, the PC you are working on is not working to its full capacity. It has a number of problems . The Advanced PC Tweaker is a results oriented software. If you want your system to work optimally and the system is Windows, Advanced PC Tweaker is the solution. With the Registry Cleaner part of this software you can fix registry problems. There is also also an Errors Utility and IE Repair.

In addition you can Block Activex and Register Activex with this software. Clean up your files that are taking up unnecessary disk space with  Junk File Cleaner and Duplicate Cleaner. Advanced PC Tweaker provides a means to completely manage backup files. There is backup for registry files as well as system backup.

PC Performance is optimized with the System Optimizer as well as Memory Tweaker. PC Productivity can be maximized and the Privacy Cleaner lets you be safe. There is also a Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, File Shredder. Problems that can’t be solved can be submitted. If some app is unwanted it can be uninstalled.

This PC Tweaker is worth the money and the download and the multifunctional support it offers your PC makes it safer and faster. This shareware costs $34.95.

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