Advanced PC Tweaker 2009.8 Review

Advanced PC Tweaker 2009.8 is shareware and is available for the price of $34.95. The publisher is AdvancedPCTweaker and the file size is 1660 K. If you want to tweak your computer to deliver optimized performance, then this is one software you should look at. The powerful components let you fix problems, manage backups, clean up drive space and perform a number of advanced functions as well.

The advanced functions include permanently erasing files, uninstalling applications that you do not want, administering applications at startup and eliminating privacy tracks. If you cannot solve a problem using Advanced PC Tweaker then you can submit the problems using the Submit Problem feature.

This software works with all Windows based operating systems. Registry errors which are a major issue for all PC users can be repaired in just a few clicks by this software. The registry cleaning and fixing is top notch – among the best out there. If your computer needs more space, the Junk File Cleaner and Duplicate Cleaner take care of this problem for you.

You can use Advanced PC Tweaker to manage backups of Registry and System Settings. The System Optimizer and Memory Tweaker will optimize your system and make it lean, trim and efficient. Of course the Advanced Toolkits are a welcome bonus. Every computer requires a good software that optimizes it and makes it more efficient. In the absence of such a system, the daily usage leads to a number of problems like slowing down of the PC and error messages. Get your computer the advantage of a good PC Tweaker. It pays.

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